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          廣東省興源不銹鋼制品有限公司, 1990年2月成立于有“不銹鋼王國”之稱的廣東省潮安區彩塘鎮。廠房面積兩萬多平方米。擁有先進的生產設備,雄厚的技術力量和專業的技術人員。興源以精湛的工藝,生產的各種不銹鋼豪華拉手,樓梯扶手,飾蓋配件,酒店用品,廚具用品,創意家居用品等深受廣大客商信賴。

              GUANGDONG  HING Stainless Steel Products Co. , Ltd. was established in Caitang town, Chaoan district, Guangdong Province, in February 1990.

              Factory floor area of more than 20,000 square meters. With advanced production equipment, strong technical force and professional technical personnel. Xingyuan to exquisite technology, production of various stainless steel luxury handle, staircase handrails, decorative cover accessories, hotel supplies, kitchenware, creative household supplies by the majority of customers trust.

              Correct sales strategy, flexible operating mechanism and rich production experience are the secrets of Xingyuan’s continuous development in a competitive environment. A series of products sell well all over the country, in the city, some products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and other places. Xingyuan all colleagues warmly welcome people, sample, to map to negotiate orders.

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